The Benefits of US Citizenship or Naturalization Process

Father and Daughter with US Passports

Hi I am Zlata Berman, an attorney from Spektor, Spektor & Berman.

In this quick post, I am going to let you know about the benefits of naturalization, the importance of becoming a US citizen, and who can get naturalization.

Here are some of the important advantages of naturalization:

1. Voting
2. You can bring certain family members to the US
3. You can travel without issues
4. You don’t end up in deportation proceedings

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Benefits of US Citizenship?

Today I’d like to discuss with you the benefits of naturalization, the importance of becoming a US citizen, what are some of the benefits that you gain in becoming a US citizen?

Here are the prominent benefits of being a US citizen:

  • Voting is very important. As we’ve seen in our past election, elections do matter. So vote!
  • You can bring certain family members to the US that you couldn’t with the green card. A notable example of that is parents.
  • You can travel without any issues without secondary exception without any problems at the airport.
  • You do not end up facing interpretation proceedings because of anything that you do in the US.

Who can get naturalized?

Now, who can get naturalized? if you had your green card for at least five years or three years, if you got your green card through marriage to a US citizen, you can file for naturalization, and you must do so. 

I cannot tell you how many clients I see who have had their green cards for many years. Sometimes as early as when they were little never bothered to get naturalized. And then again, it’s some kind of trouble, something happens there at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

And all of a sudden, they find themselves interpretation proceedings. If you have a green card, the government can place your deportation proceedings. If you have certain arrests, and then it will be a very long, expensive process to get you out of the petition proceedings and get your green card back. If you have your green card and if you never bothered to get naturalized, then do so now. 

Always speak to a lawyer about doing so. Especially if you’ve had any arrests. Even those have been dismissed. Whether you have any issues with child support or tax-related problems,  you can call us at 646-543-0745 to get more clarification on your case. Before going to fill out N-400, get naturalized.

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