Can You Get Deported For Marijuana Charges?

Can You Get Deported For Marijuana Charges

In this interview with Michael Levites of, Yakov Spektor explains what could happen if you were charged with a marijuana offense.

Michael Levites  0:05

Good day everybody. This is Mike Levites from and legal network and I have here back with us and immigration attorney Yakov Spektor. Yakov. Welcome back.

Yakov Spektor  0:17  

Hello, everyone. 

Michael Levites  0:18  

Yakov at our last session, which will do to educate people on immigration laws. We talked about what gets you deported, or is now as they call it, politically correct, removed But the fact is it’s the same, you will get kicked out of this country. We talked about if you get arrested, criminal record, possibly you could get deported. However, some people don’t know that marijuana, marijuana use and sell marijuana, which could be legal right in some states could be an issue. Yakov please talk about what is, what are some of the misconceptions about use of marijuana and what needs to be done or avoided if you’re waiting for your precious US Passport, US citizenship?

Yakov Spektor  1:14  

Okay, so this is going to be a very, very useful video for a lot of you guys. Okay, because there’s 10s of millions of people who smoke marijuana. In most states, it’s considered harmless, which indeed, for adults it is. But the federal government, as usual, is about 15-20 years behind. At some point, they will probably legalize marijuana, but it has been illegal since the late 30s. In the United States, people have gone to jail for many, many years just for smoking marijuana. So you have to remember that it’s a very strange situation, a schizophrenic situation, I would even say you guys might actually even own a dispensary, okay, in one of the states where it’s legal, and that would be a completely legitimate business. And yet, if you let’s say are applying for your naturalization, and you do disclose it, okay, not only will the government’s deny you, but they may even try to deport you. By alleging that you are a drug trafficker, because that’s what you are under federal law. So be extremely, extremely careful if this is something that you do. And let’s say you have a green card and you’re applying for naturalization, you know, talk to talk to me first talk to a professional who might be able to guide you in something like this. But even if you have an old marijuana conviction, just a ticket for smoking, weed, something very minor. Okay. And you are not a citizen of the United States yet. Okay. Do treat it seriously because the federal government will.

Michael Levites  2:55  

Yakov this is very, very, very important. I would say this is life saving, which you have disclosed now, because so many people are confused. They may see people smoking marijuana all around them like in the state of New York. And then they think, wow, it’s legal, no problem. I can use it, I can possibly sell it and dispensary, turns out. According to federal law, according to Washington, it is illegal and you’re applying for your US citizenship were? In Washington. So they’re gonna consider you a criminal. And if you’re a criminal, as we talked before, on our sessions, if you’re a criminal, you may have a big problem. Or possibly, it may be impossible for you to get US legal status. So before you enter into a business in a dispensary, talk to an attorney that is knowledgeable not only in marijuana laws, but also knowledgeable in immigration laws, like Yakov Spektor, who can guide you whether or not you’re doing the right thing, because you may want to hold off until you get your papers. And then you can do whatever you want. 

Yakov Spektor  4:06  

And then you can smoke the joint. 

Michael Levites  4:08  

Exactly. So with your joints, restrain yourself Self control a little bit. You get your papers, do what you gotta do.

Yakov Spektor  4:18  

Absolutely correct. 

Michael Levites  4:19  

Sounds good. Yakov, thank you so much. This was very informative, as always, we appreciate and we’ll see you again with more videos. We are trying to educate people to give them general advice. If you want specific advice about your particular case about you personally, your details schedule an appointment, a consultation with the law firm of Spektor, Spektor and Berman with immigration attorney Yakov Spektor to the number as you can see on the bottom of the screen, we appreciate thank you for your attention. Yakov. Thank you for your time. Until next time, have Have a great day

Yakov Spektor  5:00  

Thank you Michael. Take care everyone.

While marijuana use is considered harmless in most states, if you have been charged with a marijuana offense at some point during your stay in the US, this could cause severe complications if you are applying for naturalization.

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