10-Year Green Card Scam and Arrest Immigration Attorney Carlos Moreno

Permanent Resident Card

The arrest of disbarred attorney Carlos Moreno has brought to light a 10 year green card scam. Moreno is accused of helping immigrants fraudulently file for asylums in the United States and billing victims out of $140,000. In this video, Yakov takes a closer look at the scam and what it could mean for those […]

Fate Of The Migrants Bused To NYC By Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Fate Of The Migrants Bused to NYC by the Texas Governor Greg Abbott

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares his insights about the migrants bused to New York City by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Yakov discusses his take regarding the reasons, implications, and how migrants can help the US economy and workforce. Michael Levites 00:04 Hi everybody, we’re back with Yakov Spektor, an Immigration Attorney — a participating […]

What Are The Crimes And Offenses That Can Get You Deported?

What Crimes are Eligible for Deportation

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares how offenses, violations, crimes, or misdemeanors can affect both documented and undocumented immigrants with regard to deportation or removal. Michael Levites 00:05 Good everybody. This is Michael Levites with immigration attorney, Yakov Spektor. Yakov is a participant attorney in JurisQ.com, a legal network where we answer your FAQs or […]