Dangers of Using Immigration Paralegals instead of Attorneys

Dangers of Using Immigration Paralegals instead of Attorneys

In this interview, Yakov shares the difference between attorneys and paralegals. He also shares the dangers of using the services of paralegals instead of licensed attorneys for your immigration case.

Immigrants face many challenges when navigating the US immigration system. One of the most crucial decisions they make is whether to use the services of licensed immigration attorneys or paralegals and notarios, holding themselves out as immigration experts. Although paralegals may seem like a cheaper and quicker alternative, they do not have the skills and expertise to handle any immigration cases. They are not allowed to prepare your immigration paperwork and in most cases they do more harm than good.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of using licensed immigration attorneys for your case, how to identify and choose the right attorney, the risks of using paralegals, and the benefits of using licensed attorneys. Additionally, we will provide several case studies, or examples of how using an attorney helped immigrants avoid deportation or overcome obstacles in their immigration cases.

The Risks of Using Paralegals for Immigration Cases

Using a paralegal for your immigration case can be risky. Paralegals are not licensed to practice law and may not have the training or expertise to handle immigration cases.

Here are some risks of using a paralegal:

  • Inexperience: Paralegals may not have the necessary experience to navigate the complexities of immigration law. They do not follow new immigration laws or know about new immigration decisions issued by courts. This risk can result in mistakes that could lead to delays or even denial of your case.
  • Limited Representation: Paralegals are not authorized to represent clients. This means when they fill out your paperwork, they intentionally leave the preparer section blank. This way if the case gets denied, they cannot be held accountable or responsible. 
  • Lack of Accountability: Paralegals are held to different ethical standards than licensed attorneys. This risk means you may not have any legal recourse if the paralegals make a mistake or commit malpractice.

The Benefits of Using a Licensed Immigration Attorney

Using a licensed immigration attorney for your case can provide numerous benefits. Here are some advantages of using an attorney:

  • Knowledge of Immigration Law: Licensed immigration attorneys have extensive knowledge of immigration law and can provide expert advice and guidance.
  • Court Representation: Attorneys are authorized to represent clients in court, meaning they can handle your case from start to finish.
  • Professional Accountability: Attorneys are held to high ethical and professional standards. If they make a mistake or commit malpractice, you can file a complaint with the state bar association.
  • Increased Chance of Success: Using a licensed and experienced immigration attorney will increase your chances of success in your case. Attorneys have the skills and expertise to navigate the complexities of immigration law and can help you avoid mistakes that could lead to the denial of your case.

Maximizing Your Immigration Success

If you want to learn more about the importance of using licensed immigration attorneys, we recommend watching our full interview with immigration attorney Yakov Spektor. In the interview, Yakov highlights the risks and dangers of relying on paralegals’ services and emphasizes how crucial it is to understand the importance of hiring licensed attorneys in immigration cases. Furthermore, our YouTube channel features similar content related to immigration law, including interviews with other experienced immigration attorneys and informative videos. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date with the latest information and insights on immigration law.

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