Do I Need An Attorney For My Immigration Case?

Immigration Lawyers

Do I Need An Attorney For My Immigration Case?

Are you thinking about working or living in the U.S. but are unsure if you should hire an immigration lawyer? 

Immigrating requires a lot of paperwork and a thorough understanding of the country’s bureaucracy. The U.S. immigration system is known as one of the most complicated systems in the world, it can be difficult to understand. Therefore, you should not attempt to navigate immigration laws, issues, and procedures on your own. Their immigration laws undergo significant changes almost every year. The procedures in the immigration service are constantly changing, creating and using new forms and revising procedures as needed, which results in new filing instructions every year.

In this case, an immigration lawyer might help you, and there are numerous situations in which you’ll need an immigration lawyer’s help. 

Many people will probably remain silent, even if they don’t use a lawyer. They may think everything is proceeding according to plan, their situation may be straightforward, and the government will not lose their applications or reject them by mistake. While their interviews may go well, they won’t get to meet a London government official who makes their own decision and one of the most important decisions of their life, simply because he had a bad day or secretly hates his job. 

Unfortunately, all of those things do happen. I do have a lot of clients and these things pop up quite regularly, even if there are no other problems with their cases. And those problems may include criminal records, visa overstays, old marriages, or simply incorrect forms filed. 

Now, that does not mean this will happen to you. But these things do happen. 

Now, the question for you is this: How much risk are you willing to accept when you’re trying to get legal status in America? 

Most of the time, immigrants would go to a notary, hoping that they might help them with the paperwork needed to start their immigration cases. But as a notary, they are primarily responsible for witnessing and authenticating signatures, administering oaths, verifying signatures, and taking affidavits. During the signing of important documents, they are supposed to be impartial witnesses. 

An immigration lawyer will be the one to discuss legal documents and give you advice about your immigration case. Not them, which is in the notary group. Likewise, a good immigration lawyer (like the Spektor Law Group)  will always have our name listed in the client certifications, because we stand by our own word. Our goal is to see your case through to successful completion.

Of course, it is quite important that you get a good immigration lawyer. 

Do your research, ask around Google, read reviews, get a second opinion, a good lawyer is just like a good doctor worth searching for!

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