Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer When Applying For A Marriage Green Card?

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Do you need an immigration lawyer when applying for a Marriage Green Card?

Many of our queries are answered by Zena Spektor, a skilled immigration attorney based in New York City. 

Is it necessary to hire an attorney when applying for a marriage green card?

When applying for an immigrant visa or green card in the United States or abroad, you do not need to hire a lawyer, despite the fact that acquiring a green card is a difficult process. While it is legally possible to apply for a green card without the assistance of an attorney, understanding immigration regulations alone may be difficult, so having a professional immigration lawyer on your side is typically a smart choice.

What must I do to obtain a marriage-based visa or green card? 

You may be eligible for a marriage-based green card if you are legally married to a US citizen. The laws governing the acquisition of green cards are complex and lengthy. Legal marriage has been acknowledged by the government of the country or state where you are married. It usually means that the appropriate government agency has established or may get an official record of your marriage. 

How can an immigration attorney assist you?

An immigration lawyer should be present if at all possible. They’ll accompany you to the interview, prepare you for it, and inform you of the paperwork you’ll need. They’ll also be the first responders if something goes wrong.

As a result, it is usually a good idea to have a professional immigration lawyer on your side if at all possible.

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