US Immigration: Filing For Your Stepchildren

US Immigration Filing For Your Stepchildren

US Immigration: Filing For Your StepChildren

Is it feasible to bring your stepchildren to the United States, and if so, is it possible that it will be easier than you think? Is it necessary for you to engage with an immigration lawyer to speed up the process? 

Zena Spektor, a New York City-based immigration attorney, discusses how to apply for your stepchildren’s US citizenship.

If a US citizen marries a foreigner and has a child, the child may be eligible to immigrate to the US as his stepchild. There are, however, some limitations. The most important thing is that the child must be under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage.

How would you go about obtaining citizenship for your stepchild in the United States?

To begin with, you must be a citizen of the United States or possess a green card.

There are two crucial requirements that you must meet in order to file for your stepchild.

1. You should be married to the child’s parent. 

The first requirement is that you must be married to the biological father or mother of the child.

Facts must back up this union. It would be a civil marriage certificate from the appropriate government office and the wedding place. A genuine marriage is one in which you and your spouse desire to build a future together and were not married solely for the goal of immigration.  

2. The marriage should happen before the child turned 18 years old. 

The second is that your marriage should occur before your partner’s child reaches the age of eighteen. 

The age and marital status of your children are important variables in the immigration process. You must remember that green cards will not be issued to the youngster automatically. They’ll have to meet some eligibility conditions, as well as go through the same (or very similar) application procedure as you. They need to show that they are not inadmissible and that they will be financially supported in addition to you.

Furthermore, a US citizen may only sponsor a stepchild if the formal marriage formed was a step-relationship that occurred before the kid turned 18. However, if the stepchild reaches the age of 18 when you marry the parents, the child is no longer considered a stepchild, and your sponsorship with them is no longer authorized.

It’s critical that you understand and are well-versed in the procedure of filing for your stepchild’s adoption. Nonetheless, if you meet these two requirements, you can petition for your stepchild’s citizenship in the United States. It’s important to keep in mind that the process is comparable to that of filing for biological children.

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It is vital that you speak with an immigration lawyer to understand more about the procedure. The immigration attorney will assist you in preparing all of your documents, potentially speeding up the process and resulting in a better outcome.


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