Can an Asylum Seeker Get Married in the US?

Can an Asylum Seeker Get Married in the US

Navigating the intersection of immigration and marital laws can be complex. A frequently asked question is whether an asylum seeker can get married in the US. This article aims to answer this question while shedding light on the relevant legal processes. Our law firm, ‘Spektor, Spektor & Berman,’ brings its vast experience in immigration law […]

Asylum Approved Without Interview

Asylum Approved Without Interview

In the world of immigration law, applying for asylum is a lifeline for individuals fleeing persecution and looking to build a new life in the United States. One aspect that often sparks curiosity is the possibility of having the asylum application approved without an interview. It’s an uncommon scenario, one often navigated successfully with the help of […]

Refugee Travel Document Processing Time: How to Solve Timing Issues

Refugee Travel Document Processing Time How to Solve Timing Issues

Refugee travel documents allow refugees to travel outside the United States and return legally. However, the processing time for these documents can be a challenging hurdle. This blog discusses the importance of understanding refugee travel document processing time and how to solve any timing issues that might arise. Refugee Travel Document: What It Is, And […]

How To Get Asylum In The USA As A Russian Draft Dodger

How to get asylum for russians fleeing russia

If you are a Russian citizen and have avoided military service, you may be able to apply for Asylum in the United States! In this video, Yakov Spektor shares the asylum process for Russian draft dodgers. He provides an overview of the grounds on which someone may qualify for Asylum and explains how and where […]

Top 3 Immigration Scams to Avoid

Top 3 Immigration Scams to Avoid

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares the top three scams and how to avoid them. Read on to know more. In the quest for a better life, many immigrants fall prey to scams that rob them of their hard-earned money and jeopardize their chances of legally residing in their dream country. This blog highlights […]

10-Year Green Card Scam and Arrest Immigration Attorney Carlos Moreno

10 Year Green Card Scam and Arrest Immigration Attorney Carlos Moreno

The arrest of disbarred attorney Carlos Moreno has brought to light a 10 year green card scam. Moreno is accused of helping immigrants fraudulently file for asylums in the United States and billing victims out of $140,000. In this video, Yakov takes a closer look at the scam and what it could mean for those […]

Fate Of The Migrants Bused To NYC By Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Fate Of The Migrants Bused to NYC by the Texas Governor Greg Abbott

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares his insights about the migrants bused to New York City by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Yakov discusses his take regarding the reasons, implications, and how migrants can help the US economy and workforce. In recent news, a controversial issue has emerged involving migrants being bused from Texas to […]

Political Asylum Questions

Political Asylum Questions

Yakov Spektor recently had the opportunity to answer your questions regarding political asylum. Political asylum remains a pivotal lifeline for many individuals in today’s volatile global landscape. The seeking of political asylum is a legal recourse for those escaping persecution in their home countries. This blog post addresses common questions about political asylum, debunks […]