EB2 Visa Guide: Everything You Need to Know

EB2 Visa Guide Everything You Need to Know

The EB2 visa represents a pathway for specific professionals to work and live permanently in the United States. Understanding its processes, benefits, and prerequisites is central to benefiting from this opportunity. This article provides a comprehensive guide about the EB2 visa and its intricacies. What is an EB2 Visa? An EB2 visa is a second-preference employment-based […]

Top 10 Common Reasons for an I-765 Denial

Top 10 Common Reasons for an I 765 Denial

Navigating the various forms and procedures involved with U.S. immigration can be daunting. One significant form for people seeking employment authorization is Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. Unfortunately, many applicants fail to file it properly and face an I-765 denial despite its importance. Understanding Form I-765 Form I-765, the Application for Employment Authorization is […]

Can I Sponsor An Immigrant That Is A Non-Family Member?

Can I Sponsor An Immigrant That Is A Non-Family Member?

In immigration, the term ‘sponsorship’ is often used. Many people have family connections abroad and wonder whether they can sponsor a family member’s immigration to the United States. But what if it’s not your relative? The question you might be asking yourself is: “Can I sponsor an immigrant who is a non-family member?” This complex […]

Can an Asylum Seeker Get Married in the US?

Can an Asylum Seeker Get Married in the US

Navigating the intersection of immigration and marital laws can be complex. A frequently asked question is whether an asylum seeker can get married in the US. This article aims to answer this question while shedding light on the relevant legal processes. Our law firm, ‘Spektor, Spektor & Berman,’ brings its vast experience in immigration law […]

Asylum Approved Without Interview

Asylum Approved Without Interview

In the world of immigration law, applying for asylum is a lifeline for individuals fleeing persecution and looking to build a new life in the United States. One aspect that often sparks curiosity is the possibility of having the asylum application approved without an interview. It’s an uncommon scenario, one often navigated successfully with the help of […]

Refugee Travel Document Processing Time: How to Solve Timing Issues

Refugee Travel Document Processing Time How to Solve Timing Issues

Refugee travel documents allow refugees to travel outside the United States and return legally. However, the processing time for these documents can be a challenging hurdle. This blog discusses the importance of understanding refugee travel document processing time and how to solve any timing issues that might arise. Refugee Travel Document: What It Is, And […]

How To Stop A Deportation Or Removal Order

How To Stop A Deportation Or Removal Order

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares his insights and general advice regarding deportation or removal order. He also shares how offenses, violations, crimes, or misdemeanors can affect both documented and undocumented immigrants with regard to deportation or removal. Deportation or removal orders are profoundly impactful and life-altering events that can uproot individuals from the place they […]

How To Become A Legal US Resident In 10 Years

Immigrant Coffee Workers

In this interview, Yakov Spektor shares some insights and explains the possibility of becoming a legal resident in the United States in just ten years. He shares the different ways to go about this process and what you need to do to make it happen. https://youtu.be/WgcDPA1YjGk Many misconceptions cloud the understanding of U.S. immigration law, […]

Digest of the High Profile Anna Delvey Immigration Case

Anna Delvey Sorokin Immigration Case

This interview is a digest of the high-profile Anna Delvey immigration case. Yakov provides expert commentary on the case and what other people facing deportation from USA could learn from it.  Read on to know more. https://youtu.be/hFOl4KqJUoE?si=a6DySJ3wo4Xy3aPW Known for her portrayal in the Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” the intriguing case of Anna Delvey’s real-life scenario […]

Could Green Card Be Revoked?

green card revoked

In this interview, Yakov discusses the revocation of a green card. He explains what can trigger a revocation and provides insight into the process of appealing a decision. Read on to know more! https://youtu.be/gC7Hj7mYWpU?si=AvCS0-lp6fBBJAnp Obtaining your Green Card status in the United States is a significant accomplishment as an immigrant. Maintaining your status requires ongoing effort and […]