Can You Get Deported For Marijuana Charges?

Marijuana Plant in a Jar

In this interview with Michael Levites of, Yakov Spektor explains what could happen if you were charged with a marijuana offense. Michael Levites¬† 0:05 Good day everybody. This is Mike Levites from and legal network and I have here back with us and immigration attorney Yakov Spektor. Yakov. Welcome back. Yakov Spektor¬† 0:17 […]

The Benefits of US Citizenship or Naturalization Process

Father and Daughter with US Passports

Hi I am Zlata Berman, an attorney from Spektor, Spektor & Berman. In this quick post, I am going to let you know about the benefits of naturalization, the importance of becoming a US citizen, and who can get naturalization. Here are some of the important advantages of naturalization: 1. Voting 2. You can bring […]