How To Get A US Tourist Visa

How To Get A US Tourist Visa

Do you need a visa to visit USA?

My name is Yakov Spektor and I am one of the partners of the law firm Spektor, Spektor & Berman – the immigration lawyers. Today, we’ll talk about how to maximize your chances of getting a tourist visa USA.

Pro Tips to Get a Tourist Visa USA

So if you would like to come and visit America, this video is for you. A visitor visa to the United States allows you to visit the country for a generous term of six months. 

Now, this is where the confusion begins. People know that getting a tourist visa USA is not that easy, and many applicants get denied. My firm constantly gets questions from people who want some clarity on this topic. And today, you will get some clarity as well from an immigration lawyer with many many years of experience answering the same question.

Factors that are not important

The internet is full of bad advice on this topic. Some say that you need an invitation from someone living in the United States, others want you to have thousands of dollars in your bank account. Now all of those are not strictly necessary.

Factors that are important

Today, I will tell you the most important factor that determines whether you will get the tourist visa USA or not. Ready? listen carefully! you will need to convince the counselor worker the person who will be deciding whether to give you the visa just one simple thing that you will be leaving the United States after your visit is over.

Now, how would you do that?

  • Bring proof that you’re still employed at your wonderful job 
  • Show reservations for vacations or work trips that you plan to go to when you come back. 
  • Submit proof that you own property in your home country, 
  • Present invitations to any weddings that you will be attending after you get back. 
  • Bring a list of all your relatives, children, parents, uncles, aunties who are eagerly waiting for your return.

Now, of course, other requirements are also important, and make sure that you satisfy all of them, all of the USA visit visa requirements over the particular American counseling in your country. 

But if you can show that you plan to come back, the counselor officer will be much, much more inclined to approve your tourist visa USA. Thank you for reading and have a great day!