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Immigration Issues?

Do you need permanent status in the United States for you or your family? Are you in the process of applying for your green card right now? Do you want to bring your loved ones here from overseas? Are you dealing with Immigration Court? Or seeking to take the final step on your immigration path – and become a U.S. citizen? Welcome – you are certainly in the right place!

Getting permanent status in the United States is a life-changing event. America is the land of opportunity and a green card for yourself and your loved ones can be crucial for making sure that these opportunities are open to you and your family.

Immigration process here is notoriously difficult – you NEED a good, trusted immigration lawyer to make sure that one of the most important things in your life is handled competently.

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What is an immigration lawyer?

Simply put – an immigration lawyer is your agent that makes sure that your immigration case is done right. Thousands of people every year get their cases denied – some of them even get deported! Of course, if you are one of those people, who are facing Removal/Deportation proceedings in Immigration Court – you already know that you need a good lawyer to save you from deportation. But – even if you are a U.S. citizen, thinking about bringing your family here from overseas – a good lawyer might mean the difference between having your family here faster or trying again and again, wasting many years and thousands of dollars, simply because some bureaucratic procedure wasn’t done correctly.

When should I hire an immigration lawyer?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with us – over phone, video or in our Philadelphia offices. We provide a very substantial discount for our initial consultations – precisely because we want to make sure that we understand what your case is about and how best to handle it. We spend as much time as necessary on these consultations, answering your questions – we want to make sure that YOU understand what needs to be done and how to make sure that everything goes well. Then – and only then, after you talk to a good immigration lawyer – to us and maybe even to some other specialist or two (we actually encourage it – it’s important to do your research!) – so only afer a consultation with us, we could tell you the best path forward. Call us or send us a message using the form below to schedule your initial consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

What can an immigration lawyer do for you

 A good, trusted immigration lawyer maximizes your chances in getting legal status in the United States. Plain and simple. What is it worth to you to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you get that green card, that your family arrives here sooner?

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And – almost as important as getting the job done is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your case is handled by a professional. Immigration law is one of the most difficult areas of law – we do everything, from applying for work permits, to getting our clients asylums in Immigration Court, to helping victims of domestic abuse get permanent status under Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). If you have an immigration situation, you can be practically sure that this is something that we have expertise in.

And – even if you already have a lawyer and your case is currently pending, it’s great idea to talk to us just to get a second opinion. Would you want to get a second opinion if you were facing an important medical procedure? Don’t you think that your immigration case is just as important? We’ve reviewed hundreds of cases for people who wanted to make sure that everything is going well. If they are – you will get that peace of mind from getting a confirmation from us, but if they aren’t – you will be super-glad you got that consultation! That consultation could save you thousands of dollars – or even save you from deportation!

Can an immigration lawyer speed up my case?

This is a really interesting question. In most cases, we have no control over the processing times of USCIS (that’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) or schedules of judges in Immigration Court. And yet – statistics show that immigrants who are represented by professional immigration lawyers, on average, see their cases being completed sooner. How can that be?

Well – if your case is not being handled properly, the government will often seek more evidence, reschedule your interviews, reschedule your court hearings. And, of course, you are risking denial, losing thousands of dollars and having to start all over! And that’s assuming that re-applying might still be possible. As it turns out, having a competent, professional immigration lawyer that knows what he or she is doing can, in fact, result in your case being handled expeditiously – as expeditiously as it possibly can be. Is there something else that could be done to speed things along? Maybe. We would be able to tell you, once we speak to you about your case.

I live some distance away from Philadelphia. Can I still schedule a consultation?

Our clients live in more than 30 States and that number is growing all the time! They are happy and confident in the knowledge that they are getting the expertise their cases deserve. But, don’t just take our word for it – read our multiple 5-star reviews!

If you’d like to know more – send us a quick message or simply call us at (215)323-6845! We will schedule you for a consultation over the phone or video. Your consultation WILL be with one of our lawyers, guaranteed!

You will know where you stand. You will know what to do.

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