Am I eligible for asylum in USA?

Lawyer Advice: Only an experienced attorney can definitely tell you if you might be eligible for asylum. A lot depends on the country you are from and your personal situation. For a new refugee, the asylum application can seem huge and intimidating. After you submit the application, the next step – an asylum interview – is one of the most important parts of the asylum process. Asylum officers often decide whether to grant you asylum based on that interview alone.

Not many people know that they have two shots at getting asylum – one with the Asylum Office and, if that doesn’t work out – a second chance to present your case to an Immigration Judge. But, what you will say in that Asylum Office will be sent to Immigration Court, so it is very important to know what you are doing from the very beginning. The help of a professional attorney can mean the difference between getting asylum in the U.S. and deportation.

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