I’ve been arrested in the past. Is that a problem for my immigration status?

Lawyer Advice: Even a small criminal conviction from many years ago can become a big problem for an immigrant. For example, someone who has a couple of old shoplifting convictions might not be able to get a green card, because shoplifting can be considered a “Crime of Moral Turpitude” under immigration law. Or, someone who was convicted of simple drug possession might not be eligble for a green card and could even get deported.

Even if you already have a green card, a criminal conviction can result in deportation. It is important not to plead guilty before you speak with us – even a small violation or a misdemeanor can be considered an “Aggravated Felony” under immigration law. Having one of those on your record can be a big problem. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you with this. Attorneys at Spektor Law Group have vast experience with criminal immigration defense and might even be able to reverse your old criminal conviction.

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