Lawyer Advice: Marriage to a U.S. citizen can result in a green card – provided everything is done correctly. There are many difficult steps – preparing the green card application (many, many forms), sending it to the correct USCIS address, preparing for the marriage interview… Your wife or your husband will thank you if you get a consultation from us – knowing the right information can mean the difference between a denial and a green card.

Here’s some more useful information: if you crossed the border illegally, it will be much more difficult for you to apply, but not impossible – we will help you with the process. It is much simpler if you have have an entry stamp in your passport – meaning you arrived with a visa – in that case, you are eligible to apply for your green card, even if you overstayed and are illegal right now.

Still, a lot depends on the details. Have you ever been arrested? What paperwork do you have to prove that your marriage is real? What documents does USCIS require at the interview? A knowledgeable lawyer would know how to proceed.

I’ve had clients who came to me after their case was denied by USCIS because of some mistake that they had made. Those people lost about $1,500 in filing fees, but they were the lucky ones – because I was able to re-apply for them. Some mistakes are not that easy to correct. It’s better to talk to a professional attorney to make sure that everything goes smoothly. This way you can have your green card in just a few months.

Call us (646) 543-0745 to schedule a consultation. Or, write to us – use the “Contact Us” form to the bottom of this text. One of our attorneys will reply to you within the same day. You’ll be glad you called. You’ll know what to do.