I think I made a mistake on a form I sent to USCIS. Will they deny my case? Can I correct it?

Lawyer Advice: Unfortunately, many people think that, since most immigration applications are form-based, they can do it all themselves. Many of our clients come to us after they have made mistakes on their own applications and their cases got denied. Now, everything needs to be re-filed and they end up wasting hundreds – often thousands – of dollars in USCIS filing fees. And, that’s if they are lucky – in some cases, these mistakes can result in a letter from an Immigration Court.

Do yourself a favor – even if you are planning to file a USCIS application yourself – call us and schedule a consultation, so that a knowledgeable lawyer from Spektor Law Group can review your case. There might be some simple form mistakes that we can point out to you – or, there might be something that would have resulted in a denial – if we haven’t found it first.

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