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Need a good immigration lawyer?

Now – you can have a trusted, professional immigration lawyer handle your case – WHEREVER YOU LIVE!

Do you live in a city where the only immigration lawyers available seem like they are just after your money or don’t know what they are doing?

Do you live in a rural area, where the only decent immigration lawyer is hours away?

A good immigration lawyer can mean the difference between getting a green card or getting deported. And, for too many immigrants in the United States the choice is often between bad and worse – there are simply no good immigration lawyers around where they live!

But now – you can have a PROFESSIONAL – TRUSTED – COMPETENT – immigration lawyer handle your case. Lawyers at the Law Offices of Spektor, Spektor & Berman have more than 15 years of experience practicing immmigration law and they are based in New York – which means their experience comes from handling thousands of cases in the BIGGEST and BUSIEST immigration courts and USCIS offices in the nation!

And now – that expertise can go to work for you!

Did you know that Immigration Law is federal?

What that means is that our seasoned, super-professional New York lawyers are able to practice immigration law in every state in the country!

So why now?

The government now allows us to send copies of documents and copies of signatures instead of originals – which means, you no longer need to come to the office to sign and drop off documents! Everything can be done through email or regular mail!

Most USCIS offices and many Immigration Courts around the country now allow us to appear at the interviews and court hearings TELEPHONICALLY or by VIDEO! That means you can have a super-experienced New York immigration attorney be there for you when you have to go to court or attend that interview.

Our clients live in more than 30 States and that number is growing all the time! They are happy and confident in the knowledge that they are getting the expertise their cases deserve. But, don’t just take our word for it – read our multiple 5-star reviews!

If you’d like to know more – send us a quick message using the form below. We will schedule you for a consultation over the phone or video. Your consultation WILL be with one of our lawyers, guaranteed!

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The easiest way to reach us is to drop us a line – just use the form to write to us or simply give us a call. Our telephone number is: (646)543-0745

Because of the high demand, we charge a small fee for the initial consultation. The reason for that is that we take your situation seriously and want to make sure that we get SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. We spend as much time as necessary on EVERY CALL – to ensure that we understand your situation and make sure that YOU understand it as well and know what to do. Even so – we will credit you the consultation fee towards ANY legal work we will do for you. It’s fair and it makes sense – after the initial consultation with one of our lawyers, you will know where you stand and if something can be done.

Meet Our Team

Yakov Spektor, Esq.

Zena Lana Spektor, Esq.

Zlata Berman, Esq.

You will know where you stand. You will know what to do.

Sometimes our lawyers determine that there is nothing that should be done – and may recommend to wait or will tell you that there is nothing that can be done in your case. A professional assessment like that from one of our experienced, trusted attorneys means that you will NOT be taken advantage of by a so-called notario and forced to spend thousands of dollars on a hopeless case! Be careful of these notarios, who are not even allowed to practice immigration law, but do so anyway – swindling defenseless immigrants and sometimes even getting them deported!

But sometimes, a bad lawyer or a notario is the ONLY immigration office in your area and you are forced to choose between BAD and WORSE.

You NO LONGER have to make that choice!

Contact Law Offices of Spektor, Spektor & Berman to speak to a trusted, experienced immigration lawyer and get the help and expertise that – before – was only available to the residents of New York City. But NOW that knowledge and experience can work for YOU!

Talk to us today! You’ll be glad you did.